England, and its real estate investment opportunities. When it comes to investing in stone, you often think of buying close to home - me first! This is the case when investment management is active, or semi-active. It requires knowledge, capital and also time when investing in this way. But what about when the investment is totally passive? Is it necessary to favour proximity or, on the contrary, to take advantage of a more favourable climate, even if it means no longer looking near your home? Some people don't have the time or prefer to concentrate on other matters. They then turn to passive investments. I have in mind the SCPI for example, which allow you to invest in real estate, mainly in France. But why not broaden the prism and consider investing across the Channel when you're looking for a better passive return?

Why invest in England?

The French were the first foreign buyers in London in 2014. It must be said that London is very close. Investing in the English capital is not like crossing the Atlantic to visit a property or to solve problems with a recalcitrant tenant. The context is particularly conducive to investing in England: experts estimate that the country needs 1 million new homes by 2020, or 250,000 a year. England's economic attractiveness is well established, which leads to high housing needs. By 2060, the United Kingdom will even be the most populated territory in Europe with 80 million inhabitants! London in particular is a city that attracts more and more workers who need to be housed. With an average growth of 2.5% per year over the last 6 years, London is known for its dynamism and is the world's leading financial centre with the famous "City".

Homes of England: a recognised player for investing in England

If you would like to rely on a team of French professionals with a proven track record in property investment in London and the surrounding area, please contact specialized real estate companies. The real estate company specialises in the conversion of office buildings into apartments.

Why focusing on this?

In today's environment, converting office space into residential is the most profitable property development in the UK. It contributes to the creation of the new housing that the UK needs. The Government is strongly supporting the legislative activity by almost automatically authorising the conversion of offices into apartments. The risks associated with construction are significantly reduced as conversion allows the structure of the developed properties to remain intact. No social housing or additional taxes are required for conversion. If you are interested in investing in England, particularly in the London suburbs, and if you like the idea of sitting at home in your chair and enjoying a passive return, you can take action now by contacting the Homes of England team. You'll leave all the time-consuming and technical work to their teams.