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Investing in real estate in France: good plan or bad idea?

Like most non-resident French people, you have wondered about the idea of investing in real estate in France and are hesitating? This article answers your questions with the help of! Investing in France: a patrimonial choice Property prices in…

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Is investing in England a good idea?

England, and its real estate investment opportunities. When it comes to investing in stone, you often think of buying close to home – me first! This is the case when investment management is active, or semi-active. It requires knowledge, capital…

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How to invest in real estate?

All about real estate! The sums at stake are substantial, so don’t miss out. Our discourse is not necessarily “mainstream”, but it is objective and you will have a good overview. Whatever your means (financial but also in terms of…

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Investing in real estate: where, when and how?

Investing in real estate can be an attractive investment, especially when it is new or under construction. A French taxpayer also has the possibility of buying property abroad. Spain and the United States are attractive countries. How to invest in…

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