Once your apartment or house is on the market, put all the chances on your side to complete the transaction as soon as possible. This article tells you how to sell quickly and well.

Tidying up and uncluttering

Home staging has become a classic step when selling a house. The principle is simple: by carrying out a few inexpensive home improvement works, moving furniture and freeing up space, you leave more opportunities for future buyers to project themselves into your home. You risk losing their attention if there are too many things to look at. Beware, buyers will also not want to discover a lifeless house with only one armchair in the living room. You have to find the right balance between too personal and too uncluttered decoration. Make sure it is easy to move around the different rooms. If you have children, don't forget to put away any toys that might be lying around.

Highlight the strong points of your home

The good weather would be more conducive to real estate sales than the rest of the year. But playing the seasonality card can be judicious. In the same way, if you have a beautiful garden, don't hesitate to put it on stage. In short, anything that could constitute "added value" and allow your home to stand out from other properties on the market should not be hidden, but rather proudly displayed!

Make it known that your home is on the market

It is essential that you communicate about your sales project. Talk about it with your friends and family, but also via social networks and ad sites. However, be careful not to overdo it! Multiplying the number of simple mandates with different real estate agencies is certainly a good intention (optimizing the chances that your ad will be seen) but risks overexposing your property (and therefore undermining its credibility). And with good reason: if they see that your house or apartment is offered for sale at different prices on several agency sites, potential buyers might find it suspicious that you are putting so much effort into getting rid of it...

Putting your property up for sale at the right price

The potential buyer scours the online real estate ad sites and sweeps the market. The same goes for sellers: compare similar properties for sale and don't overestimate the price! Do not think that you will lower the price later: the negotiation comes much later, after the visits.

Put flattering photographs

20 seconds: this is the time given to a potential buyer's "crush". 60% of the remaining time is spent reviewing photos. The solution for attracting attention is to put online images with several points of view and to guarantee optimal luminosity in your interior.